half bun

What are the seven simple hairstyles for long hair?

Has daily something which will push you into confusion on which one to be worn. This will be a quite challenging job for the people who have long hair but there are many simple hairstyles for long hair this article will help you to know about all the hairstyles that can be done for long hair.


The bun is being used by many people, this will not drop till your neck region instead they will get back at your scalp itself. This will not disturb you as well. In the case of long hair, you can make use of this hairstyle for a long time.

Half bun

low bun with a scarfYou need to split your hair into two sides in a horizontal way where the top region of hair has to be tide as like a bun and the remaining hair has to be left as such in a freeway. This will give you a classy look and also this is otherwise said to be as a funky style.


You can have a top pony where you need to collect all your hair to the scalp region and you just need to tie them using the help of a band. This will give you a tail of a pony appearance.

Low bun with a scarf

You can bear a scarf along with the low bun which will make your hair look different and also you can feel a lot of comforts.


You can where this has still for a long hair where even the small hair will get tied inside it.

Clips on top

You can just let your hair free by placing two clips on the top which will make you look cute.

Final thoughts

These are some of the long hair hairstyles, which you can do it on your own in a simple way.

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