Will it be good to mix the art style in the room?

The room is the place where you will feel comfortable and also you can forget about everything that is happening around you. This is the only place where you can relax and also this is mainly your private place where nobody can get inside. It is very much necessary to build a good vibration in the room that you are staying in. You can have mix art styles in a room so that your room will look more different when being compared to the other.


You can have modern furniture in your room where you can sit and refresh yourself for some time. This furniture has to be placed five feet away from your bed.


You can find a lot of designs available in the market, especially for the wardrobe. If you do not like them as ready-made you can buy them as material and with the help of the experience the person you can handle them and bring to a texture which you are expecting for.

mixing styles


If you do like the painting you can paint some of the things which you like the most and the one which will make you feel relaxed and you can make those as a frame and plug them to the wall. This kind of drawing has to be pasted in the place where you can find them at any place where you stand in the room.

Color of the wall

As this is your private place the color has to be decided by you so that this will make you feel like the entire place belongs to you.

You know addition to this you can even add some of the multi-colors which will make the room look more highlighting.

If you are good at painting then even the wall painting can be done by you according to your wish.

Mixing styles

You can have mixing styles in your room by not making everything set default and formal. You have to arrange them differently as bun should not look the same as the other.

Bottom line

This is how you can make mixing art styles in home, you can even make them without getting anybody’s help. If you have any doubts about it you can ask your friends to guide you on giving an opinion of your work. When something is done by you that will give you a different feel as well.

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