What kind of face shape can pull off a pixie cut?

It is very common for the people to think that they do not have the right shape of the face to pull off a Pixie cut. You should be aware of which one will work for you to the best and you have to follow them.

The Pixie cut for short hairs will be very much suitable so you can find a tremendous amount of options that you can choose to set them perfect for your facial features. Do not know about the different face shape for a pixie cut this article will be helpful for you to get the perfection.


This type of face cut will be a perfect match for the Pixie style. Most probably the Oval face shape will balance anything that is because the shape is an even way. You can make a small fringe to give a messy look and in general, short hair will make you look great.


For people who have long face you just need to decrease the volume at the top of your head so that it does not make you look even longer. To make your forehead look short you can make fringes at the top of your head which will balance your forehead as well as the feature of your face. While you are making this cut make sure that the hair you cut reaches still the eyebrow region to make your face looks short and compact.


You need to highlight your cheekbones if you have a heart-shaped face. You can make fringes according to that so that you can get attention to that particular area. You can highlight some of the areas in your face so that the whole structure cannot be shown out this another term said to be as sculpting which will even make you look different where you cannot believe your eyes.

kind of face shape

Round face

For this particular face cut, you can cut your hair into her short one so that the complete round will be hidden as well as this will balance your feature. This will make your face look longer and also compact rather than showing the exact size out.

Final thoughts

These are some ways to get pixie haircut. Before doing them you need to know what shape good for your face.

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